Yes, You CAN Install iMovie on Older iPads!

We had some iPads donated that won’t update to iOS11. They’re fine for what we need but I really wanted to install iMovie on them. I thought this was a lost cause because I kept getting errors trying to install it since the latest version of iMovie requires iOS11 and the Apple ID I was using had not previously installed iMovie. Through a bit of research and some trial and error, I discovered that, yes, it IS possible to install a prior version of iMovie on these iPads!

Do you want to know how?

  1. Select iMovie from the App Store and Buy it. It will act like it is installing but it will fail. I got a message saying that iMovie could not be installed at this time.
  2. Go back into the App Store and into the Purchased options. Click on the Download icon for iMovie. You will get a message that says “Do you want to download the last compatible version? This version of iMovie is not compatible with this device.” Click Download and Voila! iMovie will install!!

I would love it if the App Store would just do this or prompt me when I first buy the app but at least there is a way to get it installed.

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