Edmodo, Schoology, My Big Campus – OH MY!

I am currently using Edmodo with my 4th-8th grade classes but often wonder if another Social Learning platform might be a better choice. Is it a case of the grass is greener or might another platform better meet the needs of what I’m trying to do? Do I want to try something different just because it’s a newer, shinier option or is there something it offers that what I’m using doesn’t? I don’t know the answer. I haven’t tried the different platforms with my students and don’t know that I want to have them be guinea pigs on a lot of different platforms just to see if they might be better.

What to do? During #caedchat last night a suggestion was made to start a document to compare different social learning platforms so I’ve done just that! Why these platforms? They’re the ones I’ve heard about and they have a free option for educators.

Do you use Edmodo or Schoology or My Big Campus or Haiku or Collaborize Classroom? Feel free to edit this spreadsheet to help identify the strengths (and weaknesses) of each platform so that other educators can make more informed decisions about which to choose for their students. If you are going to edit the spreadsheet, it’s best to use Chrome; I’ve noticed there are some definite display issues in other browsers.

NOTE: The ability for anyone to edit this document has been disabled. There were obvious edits made by some vendors about their own products and edits and deletions made to other information that was not true or that removed valid information. This was not the purpose of this document therefore public editing has been removed.


  1. llawrie says:

    Could you add a column of terms and safety? The number 1 thing I look at is Safety. Please make sure you read the Terms and Privacy of all sites. Most teachers do not look at this. You must have written permission from parents on file in your classroom to put your students into Edmodo. You do not need this in MY Big Campus. As teachers we always go for safety. My Big Campus does not have advertisements. Edmodo is starting to charge for certain items. This being said My Big Campus is working on the features that teachers feel are important and adding them with no charge. I am teaching online classes in My Big Campus and it has everything I need. Want a demo of how I am doing this please let me know. Because safety is number 1 for My Big Campus a teachers will have to be verified to their school to get a My Big Campus account. It is not an instant process but may take a day to be verified. Anyone can get an Edmodo account. The following is the first paragraph in the terms of Edmodo.
    IMPORTANT! If you are not of legal age to form a binding contract (in many places, this is 18 years old), then you must get your parent or guardian to read these terms and agree to them for you, before you use Edmodo or provide any information to us. Please review this agreement with your parent or guardian so that you both understand how Edmodo works and what restrictions apply to your use of our websites and services. Remember, always get an adult’s permission before going online.

  2. melissaseideman says:

    I love using My Big Campus. Its wonderful for some many reasons. Collaboration, access, and it simplifies your classroom.

  3. Jonathan Weavers says:

    Hey Vicky –

    Your last post [Edmodo, Schoology, My Big Campus – OH MY!] was freaking awesome. I have gone ahead and added your stuff to my Feedly account. Please keep me updated if you post anywhere else.

    Keep rocking –


  4. Betsy bellin says:

    What about Gaggle.net? Our Schiller system had used my big campus but switched to gaggle this year because of its safe collaboration and communication tools. I have felt safer with using gaggle in the classroom vs using demo do or my big campus.

    • Mrs. Vicky Sedgwick says:

      I didn’t really think about Gaggle since I equate it more with email and not other options though looking at it now, I guess it has some other tools these days. The biggest thing for me is it doesn’t really have a free option like the others.

  5. Robert Schuetz says:

    Great work here Vicky! We have found Schoology to be a fantastic resource for our district. Zero to nearly 10,000 users in 18 months. Schoology provides a great platform for PD, blended and flipped classrooms, and for teacher / student / parent collaboration and communication. We are 1:1 with iPads, Schoology offers the best solution for digital workflow that we have found. I am contributing to your fantastic spreadsheet. Feel free to contact me with your Schoology questions.

  6. Tim says:

    I’m surprised you left off eBackpack. I use it in my classroom with my BYOD students. It’s great because it has a native app for the iPad, Windows 8 devices, and a web interface accessible on any device. I have heard that an Android app is in the works as well…I really like it because everything I need is in one place. The annotations are editable, too, saving my students time when they need to redo work or complete work later. Plus, students and teachers can use audio and video. eBackpack just released an assessment feature, and it works really well. I love the fact that it automatically grades the assessments! Students don’t need an email address, either, so they can use the program as early as Kindergarten.

    • Mrs. Vicky Sedgwick says:

      Tim, I hadn’t heard for eBackpack but will check it out now. It doesn’t appear to be free and my list was only of free tools.

  7. Alina says:

    EDU 2.0 is a also a nice LMS, it has a clean interface and the free plan has plenty of features, i really recommend checking it out.

  8. Julie says:

    Thank you for this post! We are going to go 1:1 in our middle school next year. We are trying to evaluate LMS’s (free), and your chart is a great comparison! One of our hang-ups is the ease of use. I have had teachers look at Edmodo and Schoology and feel that it is “too busy” or too complicated.

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